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Research and Industry Collaboration Achievements Showcased at CNU's Yongbong Academic Festival

작성자대외협력실 작성일2023.11.29 16:56 조회343

CNU held the 2023 Yongbong Academic Festival for three days. 

On November 14, the university inaugurated the 2023 Yongbong Academic Festival, which integrated the previously held Tech Fair by the Industry-Academia Cooperation Division and the G-Fair by the CNU Graduate School.

This academic festival features the participation of 41 business units and institutions, providing a platform to showcase the results of university education and research, industry-academia collaboration outcomes, and research results from graduate students.

The opening ceremony, attended by President Jung, professors, staff, students, and CNU Alumni Association President Cho Sung-hee with alumni members, also featured video speeches from Gwangju Metropolitan City Mayor Kang Gi-jung and local members of the National Assembly.

Under the slogan “Strengthening the University, Supporting Students, and Building a Strong Local Community,” the 2023 Yongbong Academic Festival is set up with various experiential booths at the exhibition hall on the first floor of the Yongji Building. It includes expert lectures, technical briefings, the G-Fair from the College of Business Administration, a flea market, and more.

Throughout the event, stamp tours, prize draws, and other activities took place at various booths, turning the festival into a celebration where not only university members but also local residents can share and enjoy research achievements.

Research Affairs Vice Dean Min Jung-joon stated, "The 2023 Yongbong Academic Festival will be an opportunity to confirm the outcomes of our university's education and research."

President Jung expressed, "CNU has faced challenges but we will persevere without succumbing to failure, blooming a diverse academic ecosystem. This Yongbong Academic Festival is a great opportunity to showcase our university's research-oriented identity."