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Exchange between Korean and Japanese National Public Universities Strengthens

작성자대외협력실 작성일2024.06.05 13:55 조회227

Exchanges will be facilitated between Korean and Japanese national public universities.

CNU President Jung, Chairperson of the Korean Council of National and Public Universities Presidents, met with Ida Ryuichi, Director-General of the Japan Association of National Universities, on May 13 in Japan to discuss ways to enhance exchange between Korean and Japanese national public universities.

President Jung remarked, “Despite cooperation between the two countries in various fields such as the economy and culture, collaboration in higher education, which nurtures future talent, has remained confined to individual universities. If closer cooperation is achieved between the two national public university associations, it will have a synergistic effect on education, research, and talent development.”

Director-General Ida responded, “I hope discussions will primarily focus on enhancing the quality of education and research through international exchange. If excellent students and researchers from both countries engage in exchanges, they can enhance each other's strengths.”

Furthermore, representatives from both countries agreed on the need for active exchanges such as student and researcher exchanges, joint research, and consortium formation centered on the association, and they agreed to continue discussing detailed plans.

President Jung remarked, “I consider this meeting an opportunity to propose macroscopic ideas and initiate exchanges. Active exchanges between two nations will lead both Korean and Japanese universities to grow as global leaders, turning dreams into reality.”