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CNU Emerges as a Global-Local University with Mega Campus Plan

작성자대외협력실 작성일2024.06.05 13:56 조회228

CNU has unveiled a large-scale innovation strategy aimed at the designated execution of the Glocal University 30 Initiative Project.

The university has reorganized its plans from last year into five main driving tasks and thirteen detailed tasks to enhance innovation and provide momentum for university innovation. In particular, CNU plans to focus on overcoming the crisis of the regional population decline through its leadership in regional innovation, transcending the boundaries of the university.

In collaboration with Gwangju Metropolitan City, the university has established innovation goals ▲ to construct a super-regional innovation community that promotes local development, ▲ to cultivate global-standard glocal interdisciplinary talent, and ▲ to create a successful model of university innovation through regional collaboration between local government, industry, academia, medical institutions, and researcher communities.

To achieve this goal, CNU’s campuses in Gwangju, Yeosu, and Hwasun will specialize in coordination with local industries while specialized campuses in Goheung and Naju will be established respectively for aerospace and future agriculture, aiming to create “Mega Campuses.”

Furthermore, the university plans to provide free educational content tailored to different levels from local elementary and secondary school students to the general public, aiming to cultivate 500,000 cultured citizens and nurture 300 young scholars in basic disciplines by implementing an “Edu Ecosystem.”

In addition, plans for establishing a new dimension of glocal governance involve setting up overseas campuses in China and establishing a bio-cluster in Vietnam, along with initiatives such as founding the AI+X National Research Institute and establishing an AI Global Certification Center to lead international standardization, thereby transforming CNU into an “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Hub.”

Moreover, CNU plans to ensure the sustainability of the project by sharing its campus data management system with the local communities for performance management and establishing the Global Future Strategy Graduate School to train policy experts in related fields.

President Jung stated, “At a time when the development of humanities and advanced sciences has reached their peak, our region, boasting a millennium of history, ironically faces concerns of extinction. Now, universities must step out of the ivory tower and lead local communities to the world, becoming windows that bring the world to local communities.”