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CNU Professor Min Jung-joon Published in World's Leading Oncology Journal with Top Credibility and an Impact Factor of 78.8

작성자대외협력실 작성일2024.07.10 16:19 조회157

Professor Min Jung-joon of CNU's College of Medicine has garnered significant attention for his review article published in an internationally privileged journal, Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology.

Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology is an academic journal published by Nature. It is the world's best academic journal with an impact factor (IF) of 78.8. IF measures the average number of citations to a journal's papers in a specific year and is a key indicator that measures the importance or ranking of a journal. As of 2022, the IF of Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology is higher than Nature (64.8) and Science (56.9).
Professor Min's paper titled "Exploiting Bacteria for Cancer Immunotherapy." 

The research marks the first inclusion of a bacterial anticancer agent in this journal since its foundation, which highlights the significance of this groundbreaking research achievement.

The review paper analyzes the role of bacteria in cancer initiation, progression, and immune response, exploring the development of bacterial agents for cancer immunotherapy using genetic engineering, gene editing technologies, and nanotechnology, all of which are topics being researched and developed by Professor Min's research team.

The paper was co-authored by Professor Min of CNU's College of Medicine, Professors Kwon Seong-young and Hong Yeong-jin, Dr. Son Jin-bae from CNCure Biotech Inc., and Ph.D. candidate Ngo Thi Thu Hien from CNU's Graduate School of Medicine. The academic community views this research as the necessary groundwork laid by CNU researchers to pioneer “first-in-class” innovative pharmaceutical developments.