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CNU Opens the Gwangju International Development Cooperation Center, a Hub for Official Development Assistance

작성자대외협력과 작성일2022.01.06 21:24 조회2

The Gwangju International Development Cooperation Center opened, which will become a key base for international development cooperation and official development assistance (ODA) in the Gwangju region.

The Gwangju International Development Cooperation Center (Director: Professor Kim Jae-gi, Department of Political Science and International Relations) held an opening ceremony on December 9, 2021, at CNU’s G&R HUB, with about 50 people including Kim Tae-wan (Dean of Student Affairs at CNU), Yoon Yeo-cheol (Ambassador of International Relations to Gwangju), Song Min-hyeon (Director of Korea International Cooperation Agency [KOICA]), and Jeong Dong-nyeon (Chairman of the May 18 Memorial Foundation). 

The Gwangju International Development Cooperation Center aims to discover international development cooperation projects suitable for regional characteristics and support participation by promoting official development assistance education, business briefing sessions, and consulting for local public institutions, private companies, NGOs, citizens, and students.

The Gwangju International Development Cooperation Center was established in November 2021 based on the business cooperation agreement between Gwangju Metropolitan City, the Korea International Cooperation Agency, and CNU.

President Jung said, “The Gwangju International Development Cooperation Center will function as the key to providing opportunities to participate in overall ODA projects such as human rights, peace, food issues, health care, and refugee-diaspora based on the spirit of sharing and the coexistence of Gwangju and CNU.”

Representative Lee Kwang-jae said, “Gwangju is a city that has carried out righteous deeds through costly sacrifices in Korea’s modern history. The National Assembly will support Gwangju Metropolitan City and CNU to carry out their continued cooperation for the global community. 

Professor Kim Jae-gi, the director of the center, said, “Through cooperation and ODA education with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gwangju Metropolitan City, and KOICA, we will support corporate agencies to enter into the global market, as well as college students in Gwangju to be fostered as global Koreans who work with major international organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF, and UNHCR.”