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CNU and the Korea Basic Science Institute Jointly Transferred Technology, Including Coronavirus Neutralizing Composition

작성자대외협력과 작성일2022.01.06 21:25 조회2

CNU decided to transfer technologies for a total of seven patents, including a composition for neutralizing coronavirus.

The CNU R&BD Foundation (Director: Professor Min Jeong-jun) and the Korea Basic Science Institute (Director: Shin Hyung-sik) transferred technology for 7 patents, including the Coronavirus Neutralizing Composition Technology, to Bio3S Co., Ltd. (CEO: Kim Doo-woon) on December 13, 2021.

The Coronavirus Neutralizing Composition Technology is an especially promising technology with many applications available thanks to the property of the core protein of domestic green beans, which strongly binds to the coronavirus.

Bio3S Co., Ltd. developed and clinically tested a mouth washer (as a quasi-drug) containing green bean extract. As a result, the sensitivity of the rapid antigen diagnostic kit test for patients within six days of infection was 97.8%, the specificity was 100%, and the RT-PCR sensitivity is 100%, showing the best performance among antigen diagnostic kits reported so far. These are levels that can potentially replace the nasopharyngeal smear (NPS) method.

CEO Kim Doo-woon said, "We will continue research and development that can contribute to the safe life of the people and release a high-performance virus diagnostic kit."

Director Min Jeong-joon also said, “We expect that the transfer of new technologies possessed by CNU will help companies to certify and develop new products. We will continue our efforts for facilitating university-industry cooperation including technology transfer.”