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Professor Park Jeong-hoon's Research Team Extracts Valuable Metals from Waste Batteries Using Waste Plastics

작성자대외협력과 작성일2022.01.06 21:26 조회2

A research team at CNU presented a new subcritical hydrothermal liquefaction technology that can be applied to the recovery of valuable metals in lithium batteries and the recycling of waste resources.

CNU Professor Park Jung-hoon (Department of Environmental Energy Engineering) and doctoral student Nshizirungu Theoneste conducted a subcritical hydrothermal liquefaction method using waste plastics to extract valuable metals such as Li, Co, Ni, and Mn from the anode material for lithium-ion batteries that are discarded. The research team also proved the feasibility of extracting valuable metals and optimal operating conditions for the system.

Particularly, the research team succeeded in extracting valuable metals more efficiently by using waste plastics (CPVC, etc.) that are difficult to recycle because they contain chlorine as a chlorine donor for subcritical water. This technology extracts valuable metals from the discarded lithium battery at the same time as chlorine-based waste plastics are desalted, so the recycling efficiency is superior to that of the existing method. It can also be applied to biomass fuel conversion, wastewater treatment, and pollutant waste purification.

This research was carried out with the support of the National Research Foundation's Mid-Career Researchers Program and the 4th Stage BK21 Project of Micro-Pollutant Management Environment Energy Convergence Education Research Team. Results of the research were published in Journal of Hazardous Materials (impact factor: 10.588, which is JCR top 6.5%), a renowned international journal in the field of environmental sciences and environmental engineering.