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Professor Jung Sung-taek (Department of Medicine) as CNU’s 21st Presidential Candidate

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.10.27 10:52 조회53

Professor Jung Sung-taek (Department of Medicine) was elected as the primary candidate to be the next president of CNU.

Professor Jung won 704 votes out of 1,366 valid votes and rose to the top in the final round of the presidential election for the 21st president of CNU, which took place on September 23rd. Professor Kim Young-man earned the second largest vote of 662.

Professor Jung took first place among the five candidates in the first round of voting that was held in the morning, but the final ballot took place since he earned less than the half of the votes in the first round vote.

The election for the 21st president of CNU was held online under the commissioned management of the Gwangju Buk-gu Election Commission.

The CNU President Appointment Recommendation Committee (Chairperson: Kim Do-hyung) will finalize the candidate rankings after receiving appeals and going through deliberations. The process will be completed after verification of the thesis and research ethics by the CNU Research Ethics Integrity Committee. Professor Jung will be officially appointed as the 21st president of CNU after meeting final qualifications required to senior officials and going through final verification and appointment procedures by the Ministry of Education.