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A CNU Research Team Has Developed Nanotechnology Treatment Method for Ruptured Shoulder Tendons

작성자대외협력과 작성일2020.07.29 16:22 조회1

A CNU research team has developed a nanomaterial component that can treat chronic degenerative shoulder tendon rupture.

According to CNU, the research team led by Professor Kim Jang-ho (Department of Rural and Bio Systems Engineering) and Professor Kim Myung-sun (Department of Orthopedic Surgery) developed a nano-material treatment method for chronic degenerative shoulder tendon ruptures. It is a very common disease found in 50% of the population and has no definitive treatment to cure it.

The research team of CNU developed a tendon support composed of sophisticated nanopattern structure that simulates the tendon tissue. Through lab testing on rabbit, it is confirmed that the treatment can effectively regenerate damaged shoulder tendons.

The results of the study were published in the latest issue of ACS Omega, the journal of the American Chemical Society, and were selected by the American Chemical Society as the main paper in Korea for the month of June.

This research was conducted with the support of the Korea Research Foundation's Bio-Medical Technology Development Project and Gwangju Metropolitan City. Kim Woo-chan (Department of Rural and Bio Systems Engineering), an undergraduate student, participated in the project as the lead author.