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About CNU


School Crest (Symbol Mark)

전남대학교 심볼

CNU called for its official school crest’s creation through a campus wide competition in September 1955. The design submitted by Seo Sang-hak, a junior at the College of Liberal Arts, was selected. It was about 10cm in width and height, and the design contained the ideal to reach as members of CNU. The design has a number of different meanings depending on its various shapes and forms.

The overall U-shape means ‘university.’ The angled 'ㄱ' in the U-shape refers to the Korean initial of an adjective meaning ‘national,’ the ‘ㅈ’ is from the initial of Jeonnam, and the letter 'ㄴ' is also from Jeollanam-do. Here, the sharp stroke of the letter 'ㄱ' means advancing toward a future with hopes and dreams. The letter 'ㅈ' was erected in the form of a pillar to give a firm and stable impression and to maintain the overall balance of the school crest. The 'ㄴ' character was also laid out horizontally to keep the overall balance. The laurel wreath inside the ‘U’ symbolizes the glory bestowed on the victor. The leaves are divided into dark green and light green, symbolizing a teacher and a disciple walking the path of learning together. There is a single red fruit between each leaf, which represents the fruitful results to be obtained through college life. The red color was made to represent the passion of youth. The number of laurel leaves corresponds to the number of colleges of CNU at that time. However, now the number of colleges has increased. The letters are written in yellow on a background of dark brown (茶色), which symbolizes the future.

Emblem (Icon)

The emblem is a combination of the school crest and logotype in Korean and English, and it signifies the authority and dignity of CNU.

Logo Type

In a mobile environment, you can move left and right to view the table.

전남대학교 로고 전남대학교 로고 전남대학교 로고

The logo type is a basic design that is the core of CNU UI along with the school crest and uses a design font developed to harmonize with the school crest.


In a mobile environment, you can move left and right to view the table.

전남대학교 시그니처 전남대학교 시그니처
전남대학교 시그니처 전남대학교 시그니처
전남대학교 시그니처 전남대학교 시그니처
전남대학교 시그니처 전남대학교 시그니처
전남대학교 시그니처 전남대학교 시그니처

The signature is a combination of CNU’s school crest and logo type in an appropriate proportion, and it can be adjustable in accordance with the context.

School Color

Main Color

전남대학교 전용색상

Secondary Color

전남대학교 보조색상

The school color of CNU is green. Its origin is attributed to the opening ceremony of CNU held on June 9, 1952. At the opening ceremony, then Minister of Education, Dr. Baek Nak-jun (白樂濬) delivered a school flag with CNU’s name in red font over a green background to President Choi Sang-chae. The meaning of the school color of CNU emphasized by Minister Baek at that time is as follows.

South Jeolla Province is the region of greenery across the Honam Plain. The existence of a great plain makes it a vast granary, and the green granary promises abundance and a peaceful life. Honam has produced many scholars and poets because people here have enjoyed a prosperous and peaceful life. Green also means youth and young people looking to the future. Now, CNU has laid the groundwork and is at the forefront of refining and nurturing the future of this region and this country. Academically, green symbolizes natural sciences and an opportunity to lay the foundation for science. The red color stands for passion and symbolizes justice. A strong passion for justice means the spirit of endless development and prosperity. In addition, the red light refers to authority and dignity, and as an academic symbol, it refers to the humanities and social sciences. Therefore, we will realize the authority of science and the dignity of wisdom and achieve the dream of advancement with our indomitable determination. Looking at the vast plains, we can promise a prosperous life, and in this stable life, South Jeolla Province is suitable for cultivating profound studies. Therefore, we can prepare and expect the prosperity of our country from here. In the future, CNU will brighten the path of scholarship with a bright and intense passion.

Original Font (CNU Font)

전남대학교 서체

The exclusive CNU font is a font used for major components constituting the CNU UI. It was designed with the same font as the name of the school in 2007 in order to maintain the unity of the identity of CNU. It was developed as the font name of CNU font so that users could use it easily and efficiently on PCs.

※ Please note that anyone who copies, falsifies, or uses the CNU UI file in part or in whole without the permission of CNU shall be subject to legal punishment