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Life at CNU

CNU Graduation Ceremony: "We Support Your New Beginnings"

작성자대외협력실 작성일2024.03.19 10:05 조회294

CNU held a 2023 degree award ceremony at Minju Maru on the morning of February 26, cheering on the new beginnings of graduates.
On this day, CNU awarded degrees to 4,060 people, including 3,132 bachelor's degrees, 775 master's degrees, 151 doctoral degrees, and two honorary bachelor's degrees, in addition to awarding a grand prize to the top graduate from each college. Honorary degree certificates were given to the late Cha Jong-seong a national merit recipient, and Jeong Jong-yeon, a graduate of CNU's predecessor school.

Minju Maru, where the graduation ceremony was held, was filled with a large number of graduates and well-wishers. Family members, relatives, fellow students, professors, and alumni gathered at various places on campus, such as in front of Minju Maru itself, at the May 18 Democracy Square, in front of the College of Humanities, and at the Clock Tower of the College of Engineering, to celebrate the graduates.

In particular, graduates wearing the newly redesigned graduation gowns from this year took commemorative photos in groups, posed for photos in the photo zones, and took family photos with bouquets of congratulatory flowers, maintaining a celebratory atmosphere until the afternoon.

Cho Seong-hee, president of CNU Alumni Association, said, “We will support our alumni to become confident and free CNU students when they go out into society.”

President Jung said, “The bird called ‘albatross,’ which flies the furthest and highest, enough to fly around the world in two months, builds a nest on a steep cliff, and when the strongest wind comes, it boldly throws itself to absorb the force of the wind. I hope you, do not be afraid of changing times like the albatross and take on challenges boldly.”