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A CNU Student Reports Three New Marine Fisheries Resources to the Academic Community

작성자대외협력실 작성일2024.03.19 10:07 조회271

A student researcher at CNU discovered and reported three new types of marine fisheries resources which had been previously known only by their scientific names internationally, but not confirmed, to the academic community.

Kim Dae-hoon, a student researcher at CNU (enrolled in the Integrated Master's-Ph.D. program in Smart Fisheries Resource Management, supervised by Professor Jeong Man-ki), unearthed three species of spoonworms (scientific name: Magelona species) that had not been confirmed in Korea for 46 years from the coastal waters of Korea and reported them to the SCI (E) journal, Diversity-Basel (impact factor: 2.4).

These Magelona species, known as an environmental indicator species with high ecological value, have been mostly identified in Korea as the Japanese species "Magelona japonica" due to difficulties in morphological classification, such as easy sample breakage during the collection process. However, through this study, it was confirmed for the first time that six Magelona species inhabit South Korea.

In particular, the three newly discovered marine and fisheries resources disclosed in this paper are known internationally only by their scientific names, while detailed morphological characteristics including unique color patterns are mostly unknown, making them academically valuable.
Kim, the first author of the research paper, has continuously produced outstanding research results, such as reporting the genus Paucibranchia for the first time in Korea, reporting a new marine biological resource to the academic community in 2022.