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Life at CNU

Honorable Retirement of 47 CNU Professors

작성자대외협력실 작성일2024.03.19 10:07 조회309

Forty-seven CNU professors have recently retired with honor.

CNU held a professor retirement ceremony at Yongbong Hall on the second floor on February 28 and celebrated the second life of the professors by honoring their achievements and dedication to the development of the university.
On this day, professors who reached retirement age were awarded an appreciation plaque and the Presidential Order of Merit for Distinguished Service. Families and students attending the ceremony applauded with respect.
During the retirement ceremony, professors and their spouses posed with heart shapes drawn above their heads for commemorative photographs, creating a cheerful atmosphere throughout the event.

Professor Kim Jae-kwan, president of the CNU Faculty Council, presented commemorative gifts to each of the retiring professors and congratulated them with handshakes.
The retiring professors expressed gratitude and shared their memories and advice.

Professor Ahn Jin (Law School) reflected, "It was a time that I learned a lot from the students. Every moment I spent at CNU over the last 25 years was the best moment in my life." Professor Oh Kwan-young (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) expressed, "I had a beautiful time educating and researching. I hope CNU becomes a university that extends not only domestically but also globally."

Professor Lee Chil-woo (College of Engineering) said, “The memories of contributing to the creation of the Graduate School of Culture and the difficult times I had preparing for the lecture during the COVID-19 pandemic as the director of the Computing Center all became good memories. I am grateful to the faculty and staff who worked hard with me. Professor Kim Jeong-hyeon (College of Social Sciences) said, “Sartre said that life is a choice (C) between birth (B) and death (D), and coincidentally, C was CNU for me. I made a good choice to come to CNU. “I hope everyone makes good choices.”

President Jung congratulated the retiring professors, saying, "Retirement marks a momentary pause in the time dedicated to the passion of youth. Like the poem by Samuel Ullman, which said 'Youth is not a time of life but a state of mind,' 47 professors will remain eternal youths. I will support your new beginnings."