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Life at CNU

CNU Opens Baek-ya, a Library That Opens 24 Hours a Day

작성자대외협력실 작성일2024.04.23 13:19 조회489

CNU opened a library reading room that is open 24 hours a day for the first time in its history.

CNU held an opening ceremony for the new reading room Baek-ya (白夜) on the 4th floor of the University Library Annex (aka Baekdo) on April 2 and decided to operate it 24 hours a day, except for on quarantine and disinfection days.

Baek-ya is a nickname for a type of reading room that is illuminated 24 hours a day until nighttime. It is decorated in various forms to suit the student’s learning styles, such as a space that can be used by one person or in a group, a stand-up type, or an open type such as a cafe. In particular, it is equipped with an open learning space with electrical outlets installed at each seat for students using electronic devices such as tablets.

Students welcomed the opening of this new reading room, saying, “I study late into the night during exam periods, so I think I will use it often since it is open 24 hours a day,” and “I think my motivation to study will increase because the study space is well-decorated.”

President Jung said at the opening ceremony attended by students and faculty that day, “It is the students who create the identity of this space where the lights are not turned off 24 hours a day. I hope you will dream of a brilliant future as confident and free CNU students in Baek-ya.”