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CNU Hongmae Returns to Its Home

작성자대외협력실 작성일2024.04.23 13:27 조회774

CNU Hongmae (Red Plum Tree) is returning to its hometown.

As an expression of gratitude for the donation of the CNU Hongmae which is well-known as one of the “five Honam maehwa blossoms” and a famous specialty of CNU, the university has decided to donate one successor tree to the late Professor Ko Jae-cheon and the Uiyeolgong clan of Jangheung’s Go family.

This successor tree boasts a lush tree shape with a height and width of five meters each and will be planted on April 6 at the Yujangbi site for Go Bu-cheon in Wolbong, Yucheon-ri, Changpyeong-myeon, Damyang-gun.

Previously, CNU had propagated five successor trees and planted two of them which successfully proliferated at the Hwasun and Yeosu campuses, respectively last year. Also, in 2019, 75 successor trees grafted onto green plum rootstock were distributed to local residents to maintain and improve the genetic characteristics of CNU Hongmae. The university has been actively engaging in sharing activities to make CNU Hongmae more accessible to local residents and visitors from all over the country.

CNU Hongmae was originally planted in Yucheon-ri, Changpyeong-myeon, Damyang-gun by Wolbong Go Bu-cheon, the grandson of General Go Gyeong-myeong, the general of the righteous army of the Joseon Dynasty, and the son of General Go In-hu, who received it from Emperor Huizong when he went to the Ming Dynasty as a special envoy in 1621 (the 13th year of King Gwanghae’s reign in Joseon). It was initially named ‘Daemyeongmae (大明梅).’

Subsequently, the late Professor Go Jae-cheon of CNU, an 11th-generation descendant of Wolbong, succeeded in cultivating a tree from this tree in 1918 and raised a successor tree. In 1952, he donated it to CNU’s College of Agriculture and planted it on campus. This tree was relocated in 1972 at CNU’s main auditorium (currently Minjumaru).

CNU Hongmae, currently located at the Yongbong Campus, is 106 years old this year.